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(01/13/23) – Right on cue, New York had to not just double down, but went outright insane. With the announcement of a potential federal ban on gas stoves, and then the immediate and hard push back, Hochul’s office laid out her plan to curb on-site greenhouse gas emissions.

The plan bans new buildings from having oil or gas burners for heat or hot water, or gas stoves. The plan would also require energy analyses of every new building’s energy usage, known as “benchmarking.” Hochul’s climate change agenda also sets a goal of 2 million electrified homes by 2030.

And what could go wrong with any of that? Forced EV’s, forced reliance on additional electrical use for homes, and forcing industries to either drop product lines all together, or not sell them in New York. What a glorious future for New York! And none of it having any meaningful consequences for the environment.

New York City last month had already passed their own ban on gas hookups in new buildings.

“When we passed the city bill, we said, ‘If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere,’ and it’s really exciting to see the governor prove that out, to take these ambitions statewide,” Ben Furnas, who served as former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s director of climate and sustainability, told Yahoo News. “It’s a proof point for the entire country that this makes a lot of sense.”

But there is a HUGE difference between passing an outright insane bill, and IMPLEMENTING it. And Then there are the perfectly predictable consequences if they actually followed through with it. But the Democrats and the out of control left don’t care about any of that. It’s all about the optics of caring and “the future”, without actually thinking about it realistically.

This is the same issues we have with folks under 25, where no matter how intelligent they are, they lack the ability to actually process future consequences for their actions. it is why we all did most of the really stupid things in our life when we were young.

Apply that same thing to those “running” the States or Federal Government and you have HUGE problems.

Now some may note that these bans only apply to “new” buildings. But you can rest assured that this is only the first step. There will be retrofitting requirements and then outright banning of certain products coming down the road.

Don’t think so?

“I think as heat pump technology for heating and hot water improves, as induction stoves become the most modern and exciting type of stove on the market, and, I think, as you see federal incentives to encourage these shifts — [and] potentially other regulatory steps that municipalities could take — I think you’re going to see, as people are replacing fossil fuel appliances in their home, they’re going to be shifting more and more to modern electric versions of these things,” Furnas said.

These people just don’t get it. And they see the world as their plaything with themselves being GODS. It is also the over controlling mother syndrome, where in the end you don’t get a strong and self sufficient adult, but one in perpetual adolescence and NEED of controlling. But this is also why the left push the social agendas they do as well.

We see these things happen in every Democrat controlled city, and State. And it always leads to major problems, and eventual collapse. While some may have not reached that point yet, others HAVE, and all WILL unless corrected.

The real problem though is not these elected officials, but that they were elected in the first place. That says as much about the majority of people in those areas as it does about the tyrants themselves. And it is also why our founding fathers warned against, and spoke out against, democracy. And CITIES tend to have a far larger voting power than the rest of States, which causes most of these problems. This too MUST be corrected; for the sake of our nation.


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