(01/12/23) – “The Earth’s fever persisted yet again.” they claim, as more climate fear porn is being blasted. The “experts” profess that 2022 was the fifth or sixth warmest year “on record”. But what is it, fifth or sixth? No really, these are all experts and they are so “precise” so which is it?

What is it? Well I can tell you what it is. It is hogwash.

None of these stats or claims mean anything of value.

We have seen these claims and pushes of climate fear for quite some time now, and every prediction made (not some, not a few, but EVERY ONE) has failed to come to pass. And in a good many of them, the complete OPPOSITE has happened.

But don’t let that stop these folks from continuing the lies and “climate fear porn”.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said global temperature is “pretty alarming … What we’re seeing is our warming climate, it’s warning all of us. Forest fires are intensifying. Hurricanes are getting stronger. Droughts are wreaking havoc. Sea levels are rising. Extreme weather patterns threaten our well-being across this planet.”

But the truth is that the ONLY reason forest fires are “intensifying” is that eco-idiots have gotten in the way of forest maintenance and other issues which in the past would help keep fires smaller and easier to manage. There has been NO evidence that climate change (for better or worse) has made any notable difference in the amounts of fires.

And we have already debunked the “hurricanes are getting worse” hogwash. No they are not. The frequency of the storms and their relative strengths have stayed pretty constant. But these “experts” take an outlier and try to claim ALL hurricanes are increasing in strength.

How about droughts? They have ALWAYS been a problem. History is replete with droughts. Some groups of years see more of them, and others see less. But again, these are not issues that are somehow becoming abnormal.

Sea levels? Again, cherry picked data but we have not seen any major sea level rises. And people are still building homes on the coasts, massive cities stay there, and so on. But FEAR!!!!! DANGER!!!!! WARNINGS!!!!!!

On and on we go. The same old misleading, cherry picked data, and outright lies are being pushed. And the real matter is WHY.

“You can’t take a pill for it so the fixes aren’t easy. It’s more what you consider a chronic illness like cancer.” states University of Oklahoma meteorology professor Renee McPherson.

And then these experts point out global temperatures as a whole to prove that there is a problem. But is there? Some areas have seen higher temperatures, and others LOWER. They act like simply averaging them out, or ignoring the lowering ones, that it proves that there is a problem globally. They ignore that at one point almost all of the northern hemisphere was covered in ICE, and that the middle ages were a mini-ice age as well; or that the Sahara has grown and changed shape starting long before man was even an issue.

Every one of their metrics rely on, as stated, cherry picked, or misleading data. Much like the whole “covid” matter, it wasn’t really science, but “the science”; which is hardly the same things at all. Eco-activism and the “scientists” that help fuel it do little more than vague tea leaf readings and arranging of “data” to suit their desires.

And again we must ask why.

To me the answer is simple. It isn’t about caring, or really correcting any issues. It is about “relevance” (and gaining it personally), power, and control; and don’t forget the all mighty dollar.

In other news, have you heard that the ozone layer is healing and it is believed that it will be fully recovered by 2066? And have you heard that this in itself will help reduce overall temperatures on the planet more than the claimed rises that fear porn presents? Well, it’s true.

And what else is true is that the earth as seen far wider climate swings (both in regions as well as plante wide) than have been seen in the relatively short time humans have been here. Yet here we are. And WE didn’t cause any of them.

Do I believe that we should be good stewards of the planet? Absolutely. But this other crap? Stop it.



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