Hello, my name is John,_dsc5143-edit-2-1 and I am The Whiskey Cowboy.  I am a former soldier, former police officer, entrepreneur, professional photographer, artist, man of the world, man apart from the world, thinker, doer, and in simple terms, a man.  And in that, I make no apologies.

This blog is for various things that interest me, and that others have expressed an interest in having me write about.  You will find articles on whiskey, reviews, cars, the outdoors, knives, guns, and more.  We will see where things go. and the directions we take.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.  Please feel more than free to comment on my entries, like them, and even share them with others.  And if you would like to see an article about something specific, feel free to let me know.

– John / The Whiskey Cowboy

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NOTE: All photographs or other graphical content on this blog, unless otherwise noted, are mine.  If you borrow them, reference them, link to them, etc. please give credit where credit is due.  I don’t mind folks sharing my photographs (for personal and non-business use), but do not pass them off as your own, and give me the credit I deserve.  Thanks!