(01/10/23) – Once again the circus will begin. A tragedy and criminal event takes place and fingers will inevitably be pointed in all the wrong places. Last Friday a 6 year old boy brought a 9mm pistol to school and shot his teacher in Newport News, Virginia.

The child’s mother could be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor under Virginia State Law for the improper control and storage of a firearm which she legally purchased. And media outlets are spewing numbers and statistics, taken out of context and without comparisons. They are trying to show how so many children live in households that have firearms that are not “locked up”, but then don’t equate that to how many incidents happen. They will often make mention of the two stats, but not in the same parts of articles; and then not giving actual population numbers so that a real indication of the matter can be seen. Smoke and mirrors.

This is not to be confused with me saying that the mother should not be charged, but that the situation isn’t as clear cut and “dangerous” as the media would like to present it to be. And I am sure many of us grew up with guns in the home, and not a single gun safe or even locked storage cabinet. Guns and ammunition were readily available.. but so was a good old-fashioned spanking or more.

And because of the boy’s age, it is unclear whether he will even face charges for this very serious crime.

James J. Fedderman, president of the Virginia Education Association, the union that represents many public school teachers in the state, said in a statement the shooting is “yet another example of senseless violence affecting our public schools.”

But is it really? How often do these types of incidents happen? If you take the time to look into it, you will see that ALL school shootings are a statistical rarity; and this type are even more so.

What IS more common, is physical altercations, bad behavior, broken homes, bad parenting, and a slew of other things which are ignored as a problem, and even encouraged by policies and responses to them, or NO meaningful response.

So what is the other issue being focused on?

The gun.

That’s right, the gun. And clearly we need more “gun control” and to even take away YOUR gun(s). Because just like when a car is used to mow people down at a parade, or someone drinks and drives, or someone rapes another person, the real problem is what was used and then YOU for also using or having that item.

Oh wait, they don’t do that with anything else? Imagine that?

The left loves to ignore all the real issues at play, and fixate on what they don’t like or control those they think they CAN control, while doing nothing meaningful (that is a word I use a lot and it is very important) concerning the real problems and those who act them out.

We don’t have a “gun” problem in our country. We have a PEOPLE problem. We have parents not doing their JOBS as a parents, and children that are out of control. And we see this amplified in urban areas, and now suburban areas. On top of that, we have incidents like this used against the very people who are not, nor ever were, the problem.

So we must stand up and first of all, stop the spin of these situations into things which they are not. Then we must point out the real issues at play. And then we must keep pushing to correct THOSE things, while defending our rights. All of this must be done, not just one or two parts. We as a society MUST start correcting the causes of problems, as opposed to chasing symptoms and “events”.

The problem isn’t objects. It is the decline of personal responsibility, no meaningful repercussions for actual crimes while destroying lives over “feelings” and social/political views, disintegration of the family unit and traditional values, refusal to worship God as opposed to worshiping GOVERNMENT, demonizing all that is good and healthy while promoting the complete opposite, celebrating victim status (real or fabricated), becoming subjects as opposed to the citizens we are, and so many other things which I talk about regularly.

And there you have it.


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