Amador Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey Review


For this review I am going to deviate from my normal review format, and go with a more casual approach. I hope folks like it and I may make it my standard review stile, but not sure yet.

I picked up this bottle at $40 and liked the classy appearance and the fact it was a double barrel whiskey.  This means that it is primarily aged in one barrel and then finished in another to impart flavors the second barrel gives.  It is not normally the direction I go in for bourbons but it can be a nice change-up.

Amador Whiskey Co Double Barrel bourbon is offered by Amador Whiskey Company, and it is their second offering.  “At Amador Whiskey Company, we’re passionate about making limited-production, luxury bourbon whiskey. Our first creation was Amador Whiskey 10-Barrel, a California straight hop-flavored whiskey crafted with Charbay® Distillers and finished in our Trinchero family Chardonnay oak barrels. Our second offering, Amador Whiskey Co. Double Barrel, marries the best of Kentucky Bourbon with Napa Valley wine barrel finishing. We hope you enjoy these exceptional bourbons as much as we enjoyed creating them.”

There is no age statement on the bottle but they say it is aged for 3.5 years in charred American oak barrels and then finished for another 6 months in Chardonnay French oak barrels; so as they say “Born in Kentucky, Raised in California.”  It is bottled at 86.8 proof, which for me is a bit on the light side, but there are times when lower proof whiskeys work just fine.

It has a brownish color with just a hint of amber in the bottle, but becomes a bit lighter in the glass.  And its swirl is thin and unremarkable, pretty standard for what I was expecting.

The nose was very young, alcohol forward, a bit grassy, and some oak.  It isn’t a whiskey I would spend a lot of time nosing like I normally do.

Sipping brings a very light and smooth consistency.  It is light on the front end, with vanilla, brown sugar, and over-ripe red fruits, and then finishes with spice and mild oak.  It has very little heat, and its finish is medium and mild.

I would say this is a very mild and approachable for those who like smooth and very sweet whiskey.  I consider this a very casual pour and a dessert whiskey.  Its sweetness is what will stick in your memory, but I wish the spices were more prominent on the back end, to better round out the pour.  If they had bottled this at a higher proof (at least mid 90’s), I believe a more robust whiskey would have resulted.  As it is, for me, it is at the edge of being too sweet and under-powered; but just on the edge.

At $40 I feel it is appropriate, if not just a bit over priced.  But I do say that a lot, more so concerning boutique whiskeys.  If you think you would enjoy what I have described, and can get it at $40 or more, by all means grab a bottle.  If it is over that, I would suggest trying it first (if possible) or the notes as laid out need to REALLY be in your wheelhouse for desired pours (I know they are for some).


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