Wildfires, and how it directly relates to humanity.

about1 When looking at nature, it will often give you surprisingly accurate and useful information. Take for instance the matter of dead wood and fires.

Nature runs on a cycle of removal and renewal of dead wood and/or grasses. By having frequent, yet small fires, the dead grasses and fallen dead wood gets removed and allows for new growth and healthy environments.

When man, out of the “goodness of his heart”, tries to prevent these fires and “leaves nature alone” at the same time, the dried grasses and/or fallen dead wood builds up. Then when a fire does happen (and it will always happen), the resulting damage is massive and not natural at all.

The ironic thing at that point, is that man then blames the problem on other “man made problems”, and tries to further control both nature and man…. amplifying the problem even more.

The same things happens in groups, nations, and societies. By not allowing for dead wood to be naturally worked out of the dynamics, it builds up. And then when there is a fire, the damage that happens at that point is vastly more (to the point sometimes of complete destruction) than had natural burning off been allowed to take place.

No, I am not advocating the burning off of people (read: killing them). This metaphor applies to all aspects of life, from the physical to the mental. Natural selection and natural consequences for actions and decisions have in the past taken care of the physical aspects of the process. But then society felt the need to “protect” everyone from their own actions and choices, and then took care of them when they did stupid things. The natural process of learning from mistakes because of negative consequences was taken away. Thus…. more dead wood.

And the same type of examples can be seen in relationships and social dynamics. The desire to “be good” and “be kind” and “be inclusive” removes the natural burning off process, allowing more…. dead wood.

I am sure folks can see how this all applies to the things we are seeing today in society. And anyone with an ounce of intellectual and moral honesty knows the truth behind it. Hubris causes the foolish man to believe he is “above” the simple truths and cycles we see in nature. It does not cause, in the end, things to be “better”…. but instead a lot worse.

Just something to think about….. cheers!

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