Bower Hill Special Edition Number One Review

bhse1Bower Hill Special Edition Number One, is an award winning, Non-Chill Filtered, Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey from the folks at Bower Hill Distillery. There name comes from the first major bloodshed of the short lived Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, which took place at Bower Hill. They boast that their whiskey is “crafted in the spirit of rebellion” and that they will continue the tradition of producing outstanding whiskey, no matter what the cost.

Having reviewed every expression they offer, I can attest to their quality. But how does this one fair? Well, let’s find out!

ABV: 53% or 106 Proof

Like all their other offerings, there is no age statement.

I drank mine Neat / Glencairn Glass, and for the review I made sure it had some nice oxidation. This bottle was provided to me a month ago, where I gave it a try and created some space in the bottle for the oxidation process. Then I let it rest until now.

Its color is a medium Amber with brown tones.

Swirled, It coats the glass very nicely, and then forms copious amounts of thin evenly spaced legs that race to the bowl, but they leave behind the still very noticeable coating on the glass. Then thicker teardrops form and slowly work their way to the bowl.

Its nose gives you vanilla, ever so subtle apple with a hint of raisin, a touch of vinegar, light spices and maybe wisp of licorice peeking in, a sliver of oak and a bit of dusty leather. None of these notes dominate, nor are very powerful. It is a milder nose than I would have thought given the proof point. But it is one that you can really take your time with and relax while doing so.

It’s pallet is Very smooth and oily on the tongue. It starts out with a very mild sweetness; a mix of vanilla and caramel, then you are hit with a burst of spice, dried fruits, and oak.

It has a medium to long finish. The heat, which is milder than I expected for it’s proof point, seems to linger in the throat as opposed to the belly. The notes fade away leaving ever so subtle traces of sweet, spice, and oak. The spices tend to congregate on the tip and sides of the tongue near the back, and the oak rolls around like smokey early morning fog.

I would call this a gentleman’s bourbon with a spicy kick, and warn that it could be quite dangerous to drink. That is because like I pointed out, it drinks like a lower proof point than it truly is. But that’s not a bad thing in my view. It just is what it is, and if that is what you are looking for, it will suit you more than fine.

Do I think it is worth the price, around $100 a bottle? Well, that’s subjective at best. I don’t think it is too over priced as to stop you from buying a bottle should you find one, but you have to know what you are getting and what you are not. It is a solid offering, and of limited quantity, so the price tends to reflect that. But if you are looking for, as I stated, a great quality gentleman’s bourbon with a burst of spice, and one you’re going to take your time enjoying, by all means get a bottle. I truly enjoy this pour, but like I said, it is best when taking your time with it.

So I give a tip of the hat to the folks at Bower Hill, you did a fine job.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this bottle was provided to me at no cost by Bower Hill for review. My reviews are honest and true, regardless of whether I pay for the whiskey or it is provided to me at no cost for review. My reputation means more to me than getting a free drink or two. I also don’t contact makers for free product. But if a maker would like to send me whiskey to review, I am more than willing to accept.

Bower Hill Website:

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