Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon Whiskey Review


Old Grand-Dad 114 Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is another high rye mash bill offering in the Old Grand-Dad lineup from Jim Beam.  While the base expression of the family tends to be best for mixing, their Bottled In Bond offering hits a nice note with customers as a quality sipper at a great price.  And then you get OGD 114.  With its higher proof and more flavorful pour is a true pleasure indeed.  The bottle for this review is from Lot #1.

To find out more about Old Grand-Dad 114, as well as their other offerings in the “Olds” categories, please visit their website: theoldswhiskeys.com.

DSC_8426-2ABV:  57%

AGE: NAS (6 years)

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Amber and Brown with a hint of Orange.

Coats the glass well and quickly forms long thin legs, leaving a nice even coating after.

NOSE:  Cinnamon, rich dark fruits, burned sugars, caramel, a hint of molasses, rye spices, vanilla, and oak.

PALATE:  Oily on the tongue.  Fruity with dark fruits leading the way, cinnamon, rye spices kick in strong, then caramel and vanilla slide in mixed with mild oak.

FINISH: Long finish with nice heat, but not overpowering.  Oak and spices go on and on, with burned caramel and a touch of vanilla sliding in as the others fade.

OVERVIEW:  I truly enjoy this pour.  And for its price (ranging from low $20’s to mid $30’s) it is definitely something to pick up when/if you see it.  It speaks louder than its price might indicate (more so if you see it priced on the lower end of the spectrum), and it really makes you want to pay attention to your sips.  I would not hesitate serving this to my friends, and even put it up in a blind tasting against much more expensive bourbons.  The oak is pleasant and not bitter, and the sweetness and spices dance with each other quite well.  This is not a timid pour, nor too gentlemanly (though it is also not “harsh”).   For me it is what I like in a bourbon.  A well earned hat tip to Beam, you have yourself a winner here; and at prices that if availability is there makes this an easy choice for high rye bourbon drinkers.

PRICE: $27


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