Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon Whiskey Review


Old Grand-Dad Bonded Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a high rye mash bill bourbon (27%) offering from Jim Beam through its “The Old Grand-Dad Distillery Company”.  The name “Old Grand-Dad” is in memory of Basil Hayden, the grandfather of Raymon Hayden, who launched the whiskey brand back in the 1840’s.  The Hayden family had been distilling as far back as the 1790’s when they moved from Maryland to Kentucky.  But this version of whiskey should not be confused with its similarly named Old Grand-Dad non bonded version though (which among other differences is only bottled at 86 Proof).  This is a Bonded offering which complies with all the Federal requirements for such, and notably for most would be the 100 Proof.

To find out more about this whiskey as well as their other offerings in the “Olds” categories, please visit their website: theoldswhiskeys.com.

DSC_8105-2ABV:  50%

AGE: NAS (4 years)

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Light Gold

Coats the glass thin but does not form legs for a good while.  Then it forms lazy inconsistently sized legs.

NOSE:  Sweet corn syrup, grains, vanilla and a touch of caramel, various fruits (cherry and apples), a pinch of spices, some mint, burned sugars, and some licorice.

PALATE:  Very slight buttery feel on the tongue, but thin.  Vanilla and caramel sweet, rye spices kick in solidly, burned sugar and a pinch of oak, some white pepper and then some dusty leather peeks in.

FINISH: Medium to long finish.  Nice heat from the 100 Proof that seems to warm the upper throat more than the belly, but certainly not overpowering in any way.  Caramel sweet, oak, leather, and cane sugar fade away smoothly.

OVERVIEW:  This is a good example of an affordable every day high rye bourbon.  While it does not blow me away, it is a good pour.  It is however, a good value for the price.  For a few bucks more than their base expression, it is certainly the place I would suggest starting at with this line of bourbons.  If you didn’t care for Old Grand-Dad (86 Proof), don’t shy away from giving this one a try.  I enjoy this pour.  If the finish had less cane sugar and a bit more caramel, I think I would enjoy it even more though.  But like I said, for its price, I can’t be too hard on it.  And it is a decent pour.  I look forward to updating the review when this bottle has a chance to oxidize.  Cheers!

PRICE: $19


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