Storm Trooper’s day off.


There was not a lot going on yet in Concord, NH, as it was still quite early.
But the Storm Trooper didn’t mind.


He climbed up to get some better views, by the clock tower on Main Street.


The Storm Trooper decided to take a break from walking.
So he found a spot on a bench by a bus stop on Main Street.


Time for a selfie by the Statehouse!


It was quite the effort to get up the Statehouse steps.


The Security Guard at the Statehouse was wearing white that day, so he felt right at home. The Storm Trooper decided to take a seat at the security desk and help monitor the situation for a bit.


If you have seen this exact view, you were probably not supposed to be there.
But since he was a Storm Trooper, he was given access.


He decided to see what it looked like from up in the visitor’s gallery.


When roaming around the halls at the Statehouse, he noticed that there was a party going on! It was a birthday party for one of the employees. They were happy to have him join them for a bit.


He really liked the Statehouse.


Back out on the street, he found himself another vantage point and watched the happenings for a bit.


The Storm Trooper paid a visit to the tree gnome.


There were a lot of great shops on Main Street. He stopped in at Capital Craftsman Romance Jewelers and was given the royal tour. He loved this watch!

16 North Main Street, Concord, NH.


He stopped in at Substyle Vapors on Main Street… such an interesting place for him.

6 North Main Street, Concord, NH


While at the vape-shop he noticed there looked to be a game of soccer about to begin. But on second thought, he decided he would sit this one out…


For some strange reason, the fog seemed to roll in….


The Storm Trooper thought he might get a haircut while out. But unfortunately they were all booked up at Salon Envy. The staff were very friendly though.
4A Eagle Square, Concord, NH


Before leaving Concord, he decided to grab a bite to eat. He had an egg salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato, and a Sprite at First Impressions Catering / Eagle Square Deli.

5 Eagle Square, Concord


A special thanks to all the great folks the Storm Trooper and I interacted with yesterday.  If you have a business and would like the Storm Trooper to pay you a visit, just let us know!  Also let the fine folks at the establishments above know you saw them on The Whiskey Cowboy’s blog!


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