Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong

My thoughts for the day….

A person is right because they are right.   They are not right because they have this degree, that resume, or that age/experience; but because what they say is correct.  If what they said was said by someone who didn’t have that age, education, experience, and resume, it would still be just as correct/right as if anyone had said it.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

Education, experience, and resume can help a person BE right; but no amount of degrees, experience, or resume changes wrong to RIGHT.  Simply attaining notoriety, educational degrees, or a fancy resume does not make you by default correct in any given thing, or any given field.  And taking the word of someone based not on what they say, but instead simply on the notoriety, degrees, or perceived position of authority on the matter, is foolish to the extreme.

There are good and bad in every profession.  There are knowledgeable and ignorant in every profession.  And simply being in that profession/field or having that degree does not mean you know everything, or that someone outside that profession, or who does not have that degree, does not know about the matter being discussed.  To think otherwise is also foolish to the extreme.

When having a discussion or debate on an issue, when you ignore what is being presented in favor of asking for the “credentials” of the person saying it, you have just lost the debate.  You are simply trying to introduce a factor which is irrelevant to what was said.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong.  A person’s credentials may help another person deduce how the other one arrived at what they presented, but it does not negate nor validate what was presented.  Nor should it be attempted to be used as some sort of “proof” they don’t know what they are presenting.

But sadly too many don’t understand that.  Instead they instantly ignore what was actually presented by either party, and blindly follow the one with more “credentials”.   This is not only foolish, but extremely dangerous.

What is presented should be able to stand on its own.  It does not change in weight, or in correctness based on who presents it.  It is what it is.  Right does not become wrong, and wrong does not become right, because the person presenting it is “an expert in the field”, or “has credentials”.  Nor does it change because they have more or less of this or that than the other person.  We see all the time where “credentialed” people could not be any more wrong on one thing or another if they tried.  So don’t fall for the things people may use to divert you from what is actually being presented.  Look at THAT, and examine what it truly IS, not who is presenting it.

Being right is not based on popularity, degrees, notoriety, resume, or experience.  Those things may or may not help a person be right, but they don’t MAKE them right.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong.  I am more than secure in my credentials in life, but they don’t dictate whether I am right or wrong.  So if debating with me, and disagreeing with something I say, stick to what is said.  Debate what I presented.  When you try to make it about credentials (whether I have them or not), you just showed what a fool you truly are.  Stop…..


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