1792 Full Proof Bourbon Whiskey Review


1792 Full Proof is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey offered at 125 Proof.  This is the proof it entered the barrel at before aging, but must be diluted back to before bottling.  This does drop it down from a true cask strength bourbon, but at its relatively high bottling proof one can’t complain much, if at all.  They also diverted from a standard chill filtration to just a plate and frame filtering process.

To find out more about 1792 Full Proof and their other offerings, please visit their website: www.1792bourbon.com/full-proof.html.

DSC_5599-2ABV:  62.5%

AGE: NAS (8.5 years)

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Rich Amber with Orange highlights.

Coats the glass thickly, and forms long thick legs.

NOSE:  Alcohol is present, but not unpleasant.  Caramel, cinnamon, spices, oak, a bit of vanilla, cherries, ripe bananas, and a hint of smoke.

PALATE:  Not as thick on the tongue as the glass would indicate, but it is smooth.  Dark sweet fruits lead the way, then vanilla and caramel slide in.  Spices, cinnamon, and alcohol heat jump in and take over.  Then an echo of the leading notes comes back, but bring with them bananas, corn flakes, a bit of oak, and a gentle kiss of smoke.

FINISH: Long finish, with good belly and throat heat.  Sweet cherries, banana, oak, cinnamon, and slight smoke linger on and gently fade away.

OVERVIEW:  While some may argue that there are better high proof offerings on the market, I feel this one is a solid pour; and worth its price.  I enjoy it and would have no problems pouring it for friends.  It may not be what most folks want for an every day pour, but for those times you want to turn up the heat, have at it.  I thought it had a well rounded flavor profile, and that even if it was at a lower proof it would have been wonderful.  If anything, maybe the higher proof detracted from the experience just a tad, but it certainly didn’t ruin it.  This isn’t a “relaxing” pour, it is a pour for when you want more.  So for me, this gets a tip of the hat; and pour me another please.

PRICE: $45-$50


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