I often tell people, “The camera does not view the world like you do.” And this is true. If you don’t tell it what you want, it will not give you what you are looking for. And on that same note, if you understand how your camera sees things, and how light works, you can got some pretty awesome shots.

You can also get shots that look nothing like what your eyes saw. Knowing how both your eyes and the camera see the world can be the key to taking wonderful shots. You can also get shots that people would never think were there.

This goes hand in hand with “perspective”. Knowing how others see the world, even if different then how YOU do, is key to success in life and all things in life. Because someone else sees something differently than you do, does that mean they are by default “wrong”? No. Sometimes they are, but sometimes it is simply perspective.

Here is a wonderful shot I just took.



What we see here is what the camera saw. But what “we” would have seen if looking at this (as I did when I took the shot) was a crystal goblet with a candle in it (lit), sitting on my kitchen table. The room was not dark. I could see the table, the chairs, the wall, the window, other things on the table, etc.

The warm light comes from the candle itself, inside the glass. And the cool blue light comes from the natural light coming in the window from a cold and rainy day outside.

So which is “correct”? Which was “real”? Was one “false”?

Both are correct, real, and true. It is all a matter of perspective and how the camera saw the world, and how our eyes see it. Neither are “false”, yet neither are “true” in absolutes either.

Again, this does not mean that other perspectives are by default “valid” either. But it teaches us to at least try to understand perspectives and how they can change “reality” for each person.


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