Street Photography in Manchester, NH

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day in New Hampshire.  While we are still in the midst of winter, the temperature went from below 30 degrees in the morning to the mid 60’s by early afternoon.  So I went into Manchester, NH for some street photography.  The people were wonderful, and the interactions were friendly and energetic.  I had numerous conversations about the weather, camera gear, street photography and photography in general.  And the Manchester Police Mounted Patrol were out enjoying the day as well.  When they saw me, they waved from across the street and shouted “Cowboy!”  We always try to make a connection whenever I am in the City and they are out.  Here are some of the shots I took while out and about.  I hope folks enjoy them.




    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoy them. When I am out, I do try to get a wide range of people (not just, as they say, low hanging fruit). I want to present the community and as I see it. And I love faces. Of course that comes in handy being a lifestyle and portrait photographer. I tell people to not be afraid to capture the face. The streets are the environment, but the face is where the life is.

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