Bright light, Bright light!


The weather seemed nice today, so I grabbed my camera and lens bag, and headed into Concord yet again.  And while the sun was warm if you were sheltered, the wind was not.  Plus, the sky was so clear that I didn’t have any softening of the light at all.  Photographers know that these “wonderful” days are not the blessings non-photographers think they are for shooting.

A nice overcast day, or one with puffy clouds to give even shadows now and again are the best days to go out shooting.  Harsh light can really suck.  It makes your highlights blow out far too easily, and you don’t get the soft wrapping shadows on objects that are pleasing to the eye.  It can be “interesting”, and cause some nice effects if that is what you are going for, but with street shooting you really want some nice even diffused light.

Here is my “selfie” of the day, taken in a store window.  I kind of look upset, but I am not.  I am just squinting and trying to get a shot where I am in focus as well as in frame (laughing).  Unless everyone was wearing sunglasses, I was not going to get very many good shots today.  Squinty faces don’t make good pictures.  So I jumped back in my vehicle and called it a day.

I think I will get a couple photo’s ready for another whiskey review tonight.  I have an unopened bottle that I didn’t get to last week.  Cheers!  And happy shooting!


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