Texas Roadhouse / Manchester, NH


I had to take a trip into Manchester, NH today.  And while I was there I decided to stop in at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant there.  I had seen it plenty of times but never gave it a shot.  So today was the day.

I didn’t have my camera with me today, so I have no pictures to show you.  And I didn’t want to snag shots other people had for the restaurant.  So why not use media they have themselves?  Well. their website is surprisingly lacking in general media pictures.  And their instagram page does not allow snagging of the shots, so…. we will go pure text today.

The outside of the restaurant is exactly like you would expect from its name.  It has a similar look to Bugaboo Creek, The Longhorn Restaurant,  etc. with lots of thick timbers and a rather “manly” and rustic appeal.  The theme carries to the inside, and also offers guests peanuts from large barrels.  You simply drop the shells on the floor in the waiting area when you are done shelling them.  It is a classic down south thing to do but not what you find in most upscale eating establishments, let alone in this part of the country.  The shells crack under your feet, and it is a novelty to say the least.

When my booth was ready I was taken there by a very energetic and pleasant young lady.  She was quite excited to let me know that I had the “coolest” seat in the place.  It was the only table/booth of its type in the quite large restaurant.  It was the “Willie Nelson” table.  It was in one corner of the restaurant and had prints of Willie, tickets, picks, and other visuals on the top of the table (under the lacquer).  The young lady loved that it was my table being that I was the only person in the place that was even remotely “western”.  Hey, I am the Whiskey Cowboy, right?

Shortly after the hostess left, our waitress (Robyn) arrived. She too was very energetic and polite.  Upon hearing it was the first time being there, she let us know that a full sampling of their side dishes would be coming.  I have never had that happen before, and I think it is an outstanding idea.  So along with the side samples she brought their famous rolls and compound butter; that is butter, honey, and cinnamon.  Their rolls were soft but with a nice golden brown and butter glaze.  They were sweet rolls, much like sweet Hawaiian rolls but with a more classic soft bread texture.  And to say they were good is an understatement.  You get as many as you went (no charge) and their butter truly kicks it up a notch.

Their sides were wonderful.  Skin on mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, sweet butter corn, and grilled/sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Each was as I would have cooked at home, and that was a pleasant surprise.  And when I had asked for extra sour cream for my mashed potatoes, they actually brought me “extra” sour cream.  Not one of those little paper butter cups you normally get, but a nice bowl of sour cream.

What was ordered was a 12 ounce Ribeye Steak, California Chicken, and a half rack of pork ribs.  Each was cooked to perfection and the seasonings were spot on.  It is not always the case that a meal I have while out is truly worth every penny paid, but this was the case today.  Simply fantastic.  I even brought left-overs home. And I hardly ever do that, so that says a lot.

In short, if all of their restaurants are this good, I would seriously suggest paying them a visit.  The atmosphere is great.  The service was excellent.  And the food was outstanding; perfectly cooked and generous portions.  Yes, this is a “theme” restaurant, but one that is not overdone or annoying.  I give it a huge “thumbs up”.

To the Management and Staff at the Manchester, NH location….. well done.  You get a well earned tip of the hat from The Whiskey Cowboy!

To find out more about The Texas Roadhouse and if there is one located near you, please feel free to visit their website – www.texasroadhouse.com.


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