Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey Review


Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey is a true classic served up at 101 Proof.  It uses a high rye content and is aged in deeply charred American white oak barrels.

So why 101 Proof?  It is said that back in 1941, when Wild Turkey was competing with a lot of bonded bourbons (which have to be bottled at 100 Proof), they wanted to set themselves apart and not be outdone.  With that, 100 Proof was simply not good enough, and thus 101.

I slid a 375 mL bottle in with this week’s whiskey purchases for the sake of a review (I didn’t have any in stock and I already picked up two other 5ths ).  The price at the end of the review reflects a normal 750 mL bottle, not the bottle I purchased.

You can find out more about Wild Turkey 101 and their other offerings at their website: wildturkeybourbon.com.

dsc_3893-2ABV: 50.5%

AGE: NAS (blend of 6-8 years)

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Deep copper

Coats the glass well and quickly forms long thin legs.

NOSE:  Alcohol fades into caramel, brown sugar, spice, a pinch of cinnamon and ginger, oak, sweet cream and some malt.

PALATE:  Thin.  Caramel and vanilla lead the way with a rush.  Maple and sweet cream follow with a touch of licorice and cinnamon.  Then the spices  and pepper kick in and push back, added with oak and a touch of malt.

FINISH: Medium finish with nice heat.  Dry oak, pepper, and a slight sweetness linger, caramel, and a hint of malt.  Alcohol is also notable.

OVERVIEW:  I think this whiskey is priced appropriately.  I like the sweetness and love the spice, but there is something about it that prevents me from declaring it “great”.  But at its price I was not expecting miracles.  If it was not for its 101 Proof I would not consider stocking it.  But it IS 101 Proof, as well as is being what I consider a budget pour (sub $20-$25).  And as such I consider it an acceptable daily pour.

PRICE: $24

ADDED:  With oxidation, this whiskey really comes into its own.  It pushes its enjoyment for me up another notch.  Wonderful stuff.  Not just an acceptable daily pour, but a “yes please”.



  1. My “daily pour” for a long, long time.
    Problem is, it spoils you.
    Very versatile, either neat or on the rocks.
    At 18.90 Euros on-Sale ( about $20 U.S.) for a 700ml bottle here in Germany (Feb. 2017),it’s a steal.
    The bunker is full of the stuff. I just plain love it!

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    • It is indeed a good choice for a daily pour, and “keep stocked” whiskey at 101 proof. I enjoy Wild Turkey’s line of whiskeys. I have a couple more reviews of their other whiskeys coming in the next few days. And there is a review for Russell’s Reserve 10 year already up. Funny thing, I was contemplating having a few pours of 101 this very evening…. Cheers, and thank you for stopping in and commenting.


  2. Love the cinnamon, red licorice, pepper, and vanilla. I think the yeast selection makes this bourbon great. Works with a splash of water, on the rocks, or mixed.

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