Dewar’s 12 Year, The Ancestor, Blended Scotch Review


Dewar’s 12 Year Blended Scotch, The Ancestor, is a double aged scotch that uses up to 40 of Scotland’s finest single malt and grain whiskys.  This scotch replaces their “double aged” 12 year and is crafted the same way in spite of dropping it from the label.  What double aged means is that after they do the initial maturation and blending of their whiskys, they age the scotch again for 6 months in a select oak cask.

Dewar’s (owned by Bacardi) is the #1 selling Scotch Whisky in the United States.  Its various expressions are approachable and consistent, and at price points which make them easy to keep stocked.  You can find out more about Dewar’s 12 and their other offerings at their website:

dsc_3876-2ABV: 40%

AGE: 12 Years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Warm gold with a touch of copper and hint of red.

Coats the glass well and forms long medium legs, beads at the top.

NOSE:  Peaches and apple cider, caramel, malt, a touch of peat, a kiss of light smoke, and citrus peels.

PALATE: Thin and smooth.  Mild caramel, fully cooked ripe orchard fruits, light smoke, nuts, and a touch of spice.

FINISH: Short and mild heat.  Grains, malt, mild sweetness, a touch of smoke, and then walnuts.  You know, nutty but then with a touch of bitter and dry.  Walnuts.

OVERVIEW: For those who like Scotch but are not so keen on super grassy or peaty pours, this is for you.  And those who gravitate to Irish Whiskey, you may want to give this one a try as well; though it is NOT an Irish.  It is unmistakably Scotch, but very approachable.  It does not blow me away, but I do enjoy it a great deal.  As I said, solid pour.  And it is priced correctly.  I would love to try this in a higher proof though… yeah, I tend to say that a lot.  But it was money well spent, and even better if on sale.  I would not shy away from serving this to friends, or keep it stocked.

PRICE: $35

ADDED:  With time and oxidation you get more peat on the palate, but it is not heavy.  It is still an enjoyable and solid pour.


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