Whiskey Barrel Coffee


Whiskey and Coffee are icons in their own rights in the world of libations.  They have even been joined together in a steaming cup of Joe more than once.  But some people are not satisfied with the double pour method, and decide to take another approach to the process.  Meet Tal Fishman of the Whiskey Barrel Coffee Company (part of the Espresso Smith Coffee Company), Commerce City, CO.

It is a well known fact that flavors are often transferred by physical contact.  This is the process which allows whiskey to taste like it does.  The contact with the oak barrels, and any charring that is there is what gives each whiskey a good portion of its flavor profile.  And taking that further, whiskey is given additional flavor notes by aging it in barrels that were previously used to age other types of whiskey or other alcohols (such as beer, and wine).  This is because when a barrel stores a liquid, part of that liquid stays in the wood itself.  For whiskey, this is called “The Devil’s Cut”.  And this is what then helps flavor whatever else you put in that barrel.

This process not only works for liquids, but it also works for more solid items, like grains, beans, etc.  And this is exactly what the folks at The Whiskey Barrel Coffee Company set out to do.  They searched for the highest quality coffee bean they could find and sourced it green.  Then they placed the beans in used bourbon barrels to do their thing.  And with time, and their own process, the green beans are imparted with their share of The Devil’s Cut, making them bourbon flavored coffee beans.

bottleinscoopThe beans are then moved over to their small batch roaster and receive the right amount of roasting to complete the process.  When each batch is ready, they are not placed in traditional coffee bags, but in glass bottles; as is only fitting for a whiskey coffee.

They do also sell fully ground whiskey coffee blends in bags though.  These blends are mixes of their whiskey coffee with their traditional line of coffees sold through their Espresso Smith branding.

They even offer chocolate covered coffee beans as well!

But back to the whiskey coffee.  Their main offering for whiskey coffee beans (not ground and bottled) are Dark Roast Whiskey Barrel, and Light Roast Whiskey Barrel.  And their blends are Angle’s Share, and Moonshine.



The Whiskey Barrel Coffee Company has been featured in a handful of magazines, to include the 2016 Fall Edition of The Whisky Advocate.

Please feel free to find out more about Whiskey Barrel Coffee by visiting
their website at whiskeybarrelcoffee.com, or their FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/WhiskeyBarrelCoffee.

And as always, tell them The Whiskey Cowboy sent you!



(All Photos – Whiskey Barrel Coffee Company)


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