Thrift Store Treasures – Wooden Apple Bowl


Many treasures can be found at your local thrift stores and second hand stores.  They often have the same selections of “decor” for your home that the much more pricey Antique Shops have, but for pennies on the dollar.  This was one thrift store treasure I came across in my hunts this fall.  It is a simple wooden apple bowl.

It is made of 3/4 inch craft grade plywood.  And it is so simple yet ingenious that I thought I would share it.  It can be easily made by anyone with simple woodworking tools.


Above you see the “top” of the bowl when laid flat.  The entire shape is of an apple and can be cut using a motorized or even hand operated scroll saw.  Then the outside edges were simply sanded into a pleasing curved edge.


Above is the “bottom” of the bowl.  You will notice a small hole in the very center of the bowl, and to the right of it, near the base, you see a space that allows for a pin to be in the base but not interfere with the folding of the bowl for storage.

Below you see a close up of the pin and recess for it.  This pin also prevents the bowl from being opened in the wrong direction.  When opened the bottom lowers so that the pin fits into the hole in the center of the bowl’s bottom (seen above).  That keeps the bowl from rocking and creates a “solid” construction when used.


Below you see the very base of the bowl, forming the “stand” when used.  It is a simple screw that holds it together, but allows you to turn the base to form the footing.


And below you see the bowl as it is when upright and the actual bowl part swiveled. I didn’t show you, but there are simple wooden pins that are at the mid-bowl level, which allows the bowl part to swivel in the “frame”.  Gravity makes the bowl drop and “form”.  You then push the very bottom gently until the pin shown in the above pictures goes into the hole on the very bottom.


Here (below) it is awaiting its actual use.  I normally keep it on my kitchen table, but for these shots I brought it to my dining room table because I had more room.  But it would look great in either room, or even on a counter or book shelf.


And once again, below, is the apple bowl filled with apples.  When I first got it, I filled it with green apples, and it looked even better.


This apple bowl cost me under $5.00.  As I said before, you can find absolutely wonderful treasures at thrift and second hand stores for pennies on the dollar.  They are an excellent place to find decorative bowls (wood, glass, or metal), candle holders, and other decorative items that would normally cost you a LOT more at full retail shops or Antique Shops.  And they are the EXACT same items.  Many times you will leave the shops not having found anything of interest.  But once in a while you find a true treasure. HAPPY HUNTING!


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