Coffee Time Any Time


Many of us love the scent of coffee.  But most of us only smell it when out and about, or in the mornings when we have our pot of the day.  Oh, you only have a cup?  Interesting… but where was I?  Oh yes, the wonderful smell of coffee.

Coffee not only smells wonderful but it has a look and texture that can really add to a center-piece, or general room decor.  It compliments colors and adds a richness to its surroundings.  In simple terms, it can be used like people use beads, rocks, marbles, etc. but with the added benefit of its soothing and comforting aroma.

To take full advantage of this, all you need is a medium size short candle and candle holder, a see through clear glass bowl, and some coffee beans.  The candle must be short enough so as to let its heat warm the candle holder as well as the beans themselves, so no tall candles.  They may look nice, but they will not do what this arrangement is supposed to do, which is let the heat of the candle continually release the oils and scents of the coffee beans.  Without the heat of the candle, once the initial release of the scents is done, there will be nothing to continue coaxing the remaining oils and scents from the beans.

How decorative the bowl is, is up to you.  I use a simple clear glass bowl, but a nice cut crystal bowl will work just as nice; if not better given your decor.  But being able to see through the glass is important.  It lets you see the richness and textures of the beans.  You will be amazed at how simple, yet elegant this arrangement is.  And the constant subtle fragrance of our favorite morning drink can be enjoyed any time of the day, as well as give a pleasant candle glow in the evenings.

Want more coffee scent?  Each time you replace the candle, mix up the coffee beans.

Want more pizzazz?   Use a shallow but larger dimension bowl, and add more candles.

Where you take this basic idea is up to you.  But I like simple.  So simple is where I went.  ENJOY!



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