Paddy Irish Whiskey Review


Paddy Irish Whiskey is a whiskey that you will likely find in every pub in Ireland.  It is a classic and affordable for most people.  It is also becoming more well known around the world lately as well as in the U.S..  It gets its name not from the manufacturer, nor the location of its distillery. but from Patrick J. O’Flaherty, a traveling salesman who was so good at his job that the whiskey became synonymous with him, vs its creator.

This whiskey is a blend of pot still, malt, and grain whiskeys; but it leans to the malt side, which makes it different than a lot of Irish whiskeys.  Being different can be a good thing, or bad, so this is something each person must determine for themselves.  Surely its sales do not indicate dissatisfaction from the buying public though.

It is also a favorite gift for St. Patrick’s Day, when everyone wants to claim to be, or pretend at the least, Irish.  Its easy going manners, and even easier price point make it a natural to grab and give for many.

You can find out more about Paddy Irish Whiskey, and their other offerings at their website:

dsc_3175-2ABV: 40%

AGE: NAS (4-7 years)

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Pale Yellow/Straw.

NOSE:  Grains with young alcohol (but light), slight floral and green apples, a bit of lemon, a kiss of honey and a dash of malt, and finally a sliver of oak.

PALATE: Smooth and a bit buttery, delicate sweetness of honey with a hint of vanilla and toffee, mild citrus, a touch of grass, mild pepper, malt, and oak.

FINISH: Short and mild with a bit of heat, but nothing to get worked up over.  Honey and a kiss of toffee, a touch of malt, slight bitter oak linger mildly, and you get a bit of pepper on the tip of the tongue.

OVERVIEW: This Irish Whiskey is ok.  While its price does give it some wiggle room concerning expectations, there are other Irish whiskeys in its price range that I personally enjoy a lot more.  I would not turn down a dram though. But if I were to be giving an Irish as a gift (even in this price range) I think I would reach for another whiskey.  The finish on this whiskey for me is a tad bitter for my liking.  But in all honesty it is probably because the other notes just don’t balance that out for me personally.  As with all my reviews though, if my notes are what you like, by all means pick up a bottle.  It is not a bad whiskey, it just does not work for me compared to others in its price range.  I can, however, see why it is as popular as it is (again, in its price range).  It makes for an easy daily pour, and even with my personal “drawback” about it, I don’t find it offensive.  I wanted to like it more than I actually did though.

PRICE: $20

ADDED:  With a more generous sip, the finish displays more honey and less bitter.  This makes the pour more enjoyable for me, but still does not alter my overall opinion of the whiskey.  We will see how things change, if at all, with time and oxidation.

Added Oxidation Notes: With oxidation I find the bitter to still be too prominent for me to fully enjoy this whiskey.  It also seems to have a slight botanical note peeking in.



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