Whiskey Barrel Flags by The Heritage Flag Company

(Photo Credit – Heritage Flag Company)

(11/01/2016) In the summer of 2014, Heath Trigg of Southern Pine Woodworking was hired to construct a tap room for a local beer brewing company.  He heard that the brewers aged their beer in wooden casks so decided to incorporate them into the overall design of the tap room.  And when he had completed his job, he decided to go a step farther, unknown to his client.  He crafted an American Flag out of barrel staves as well, and added that to the finished project.

The client loved it and Heath saw in it an opportunity to do more of it.  So with that, he began the Heritage Flag Company.  Their flags are wonderful works of art, with a folk style, and feel that his customers truly appreciate.  And he has even given some as gifts, as well as presented one to a soldier at Arlington Cemetery, who lost his entire team in combat operations.  This was truly an emotional experience for Mr. Trigg, and he strives to put his heart into every flag he and his company makes.

The Heritage Flag Company, out of Southern Pines, NC, hand crafts these whiskey barrel flags to order; and themes range from classic folk style, to tribute flags for Fire, Police, Military, and more.  Please feel free to visit their website at theheritageflag.com, and read more about them as well as view their wonderful work.


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