Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey Review

dsc_3038-2aEagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Aged 10 Years) is a member of the Buffalo Trace stable of whiskeys.  This highly awarded company makes expressions well deserving their accolades.  Even better though, is that Eagle Rare is priced squarely in what I consider a “keep stocked” range.  It makes it not just an easy daily pour, but a fantastic one.

You can find out more about Eagle Rare and their other offerings at their website: buffalotracedistillery.com.

dsc_3022-2ABV: 45%

AGE: 10 years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Amber/Brown with a bit of copper.

NOSE:  Sweet grain alcohol with cherries, orange zest, almonds, a kiss of toffee, a touch of leather, and a sliver of oak.  The longer it breathes, the more vanilla and honey come to the front.

PALATE: Very smooth, and a bit buttery.  It is mildly sweet, with faint vanilla and honey, subtle overripe fruits, licorice, a very subtle pepper and spice (almost not noticed) mixed with mild oak throughout.  No one flavor takes the lead, but instead they surprisingly blend together in complete harmony.

FINISH: Short and clean.  A nice heat that fades a bit more quickly than I would like.  Oak fades away to a delicate brown sugar, light overripe fruits, and a kiss of vanilla.  Its only downside is that it fades too quickly and demands that you take another sip.

OVERVIEW: This bourbon is an extremely balanced pour.  It was a pure pleasure, from nose to finish and well worth its price, and then some.  It is very smooth and clean; and while it may not curl your toes, it makes for one very easy pour.  In its price range you would be hard pressed to find its equal. They knocked this one out of the park and I am glad to have brought my glove to catch it as I walked by.  This will be one of my stocked bourbons to be sure.  Buy some, and enjoy.

PRICE: $30


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