Spirit Works Distillery joins the Whiskey World!

(Photo Credit – Spirit Works Distillery)

Like many craft distilleries, Spirit Works Distillery out of California, focused on Vodka and Gin and then added other spirits to their lineup as time went on (based on the requirements of the spirit). I try to follow as many of these craft distilleries as I can and eagerly await their whiskey offerings as they become available.

I am following a few in particular here on the East Coast, but this one caught my eye and I thought I would share it with you all. This month was very special (and busy) for them at Spirit Works Distillery, being they bottled their first Straight Wheat and Straight Rye whiskeys.  These whiskeys will hit the market mid to late November.  Judging from their own tasting notes, I would love to get my hands (and lips) on some of their latest offerings (whiskey only please).

To find out more about their new whiskeys (and other spirits), free to stop in at their site (spiritworksdistillery.com) or visit them in person… and tell them “The Whiskey Cowboy sent me.”



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