Irish on the rise!


While Irish Whiskey trails in global sales of whiskey, it is actually the favorite for some of us. While I myself enjoy whiskeys from all categories, I tend to settle back in with Irish, and it makes up the largest portion of my humble rotating collection.  Its more refined character, milder notes, and applicability make it not only a wonderful choice for those just starting out with whiskey, but a fantastic daily pour as well even for the more experienced whiskey snob.  You can find from mild to more wild, and variations to suit your palate, and often from unexpected places.  And if I were to just close my eyes and pick a whiskey at random, I know that the odds are very good that if I am standing in front of the Irish Whiskey section in any given store, whatever I pick will to be my liking (though some more than others).

The American market has helped spur the global sales of Irish Whiskey, and some of you may have noticed the Irish section of your local liquor stores begin to expand a bit.  I know I am always seeing new arrivals from the Irish and quickly add them to my “to get” list.  This is a love hate relationship, but one I do enjoy.

We are now seeing a boom in the birth of whiskey distilleries in Ireland, with their numbers having quadrupled in only a few years; from 4 distilleries to 16.   And Irish Whiskey has become the fastest growing major spirit in the world.  This means wonderful things are coming for us Irish fans, but also bigger hits to our budgets.  Again, that love/hate thing.  It is going to be a great ride though.

To find out more about this amazing rise in growth,
here is an article just published by the WSJ on the matter:
Irish Whiskey Barrels Ahead /
Rising demand has turned Irish whiskey into the world’s fastest-growing major spirit


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