Whiskey Rant: Beginner Whiskey

Hey you random whiskey reviewers, stop calling a mild or more mild expression of a whiskey a “beginner whiskey”.

While a milder expression of a type of whiskey may be more approachable to newer whiskey drinkers, they are not beginner whiskeys. In fact a good many long time whiskey drinkers actually prefer the more mild expressions. And often times these milder expressions are more affordable for an every day pour, so actually drank more often by a wide range of whiskey drinkers than others.

Heck, Irish Whiskey tends to be more refined and mild compared to other types of Whisks(e)y as well. But it is hardly a “beginner whiskey”.

By all means state that they are mild for that type, and that they are very approachable, but please leave the whole “beginner whiskey” mentality out of the reviews. While milder whiskeys tend to be more approachable for new drinkers, they are not beginner whiskeys. They are simply milder expressions of a given whiskey.

I have also enjoyed some light beers in my day, but have never heard anyone identify them as a “beginner beer”


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