The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Review


The Dubliner Irish Whiskey, aged in bourbon casks, should not be confused with the honey liqueur of the same base name.  This whiskey is a new one to the market, being released in June of 2015.  Time will tell if it stands up to the competition, but so far it seems to be doing just fine.  The bourbon casks are chosen to give this whiskey classic Irish characteristics, but with a punch of honey and oak.

You can find out more about The Dubliner Irish Whiskey at their website:

ABV: 40%dsc_3024-2


SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Very light gold.

NOSE:  Young grain, touch of malt, floral, green apples, touch of honey, and a whisper of spice.

PALATE: Very smooth, and almost creamy. Honey, fresh vanilla, and malt lead the way.  Some bright fruits try to work their way in, but before they really come forward you are met with mild spices and a kiss of pepper, a bit of smoke, and a sliver of oak.

FINISH: Short to medium finish, with nice warmth (though as usual, a bit higher proof would be nice), but the heat fades a bit too quickly.  Honey sweet, with a kiss of oak leaves you wanting another sip.

OVERVIEW: This is a very easy drinking whiskey.  It is mild and pleasant.  The spices at the end help balance the sweet burst you first get, but I wish they were more prominent.  Without it, I would say this would be too sweet for me. But with it, I would say it is a pleasant daily pour for when you don’t want anything too complex or masculine.  This would also be a great whiskey to offer someone who may be a bit timid about trying whiskey.  And at its price point I definitely know worse whiskies out there.

It is worth its price, as long as you realize what you are getting, and it is what you want.  And if you can get it on sale, all the better.  I would classify this as a dessert whiskey.  If you enjoy eating chocolate while drinking whiskey (like I do) though, you may want to not go too dark with this one. The chocolate will definitely overpower it.

Yes, this is a very sweet whiskey, honey, honey, honey.  The more I drink it, the more I wish it had more spice to better balance the sweet.  But still, it is an enjoyable pour.  If you like honey, but don’t really care for a honey liqueur, you will want to pick up a bottle of this whiskey.

PRICE: $25

ADDED: With oxidation this whiskey remains very good.  And I have to say that the more I drink it (over time) the more I like it.  When I want a sweet honey whiskey, this is the one I pour.  It has earned its spot in my stocked whiskey selection.

MORE: The State Liquor Store stopped stocking this whiskey, and didn’t warn customers before dropping it.  I wish I had known before it happened. I would have purchased as many bottles as I could afford.


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