Jameson Black Barrel’s New Look

When out whiskey shopping the other day I noticed that Jameson Black Barrel has undergone a face lift.  As most know, this does not denote a change in the whiskey, but only a new look and usually attempt to grab the attention from folks who may have overlooked the whiskey while browsing the shelves.

Upon arriving home, I jumped online and googled Jameson Black Barrel and looked at the shots out there to see if any were the new bottles.  Nope.  Everything came up the old bottles.  So I went to Jameson’s own website and they are still using the old bottles on their site as well.

Well, I stopped in again today and snapped off a few shots to show those of you who may not have seen the new design yet.

First, here is the old bottles…


And here are the new bottles, with their metal tags designed to look like whiskey barrels.  The backs of the tags actually look like the barrels, but I just took a couple shots and didn’t turn it around. Sorry for that oversight.



For my review of this whiskey, please visit my
Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey Review page.


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