Redbreast 12 Irish Whiskey Review


Redbreast 12 is a single pot still Irish Whisky triple distilled and aged 12 years in sherry casks, making it a smooth, light, but still very flavorful pour.  Its name comes from the little red breasted birds which choose to keep Ireland their home all year long, unlike other birds.  Their song keeps the cold days alive and the people of Ireland company.  They are a wonderful namesake for this absolutely wonderful whiskey.  Redbreast line of whiskeys are a Jameson product.

ABV: 40%dsc_2680-2

AGE: 12 Years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR:  Yellow Gold

NOSE: Green apples and citrus lead the way, followed by vanilla and a touch of honey.  Light floral notes come in and bring with them some almonds, and a pinch of spice and pepper.  Grains whisper through the nose tying the notes together.

PALATE: Very smooth.  Citrus, green apples, and grains blend with vanilla and honey, and a touch of brown sugar.  This is followed by nuts and pleasant spices and pepper, and then a pinch of oak and then burned caramel.

FINISH:  Long and more heat than you would expect from an 80 Proof whiskey.  The heat lingers and keeps the sweet brown sugar and vanilla finish company.  It leaves nothing to dislike, and the warmth allows you to nose more without needing to immediately jump into another sip; but you will most certainly want to.

OVERVIEW: Redbreast 12 is truly a pleasure to pour.  Well worth its price, it is a pour that you may want to keep all to yourself, but you will also want to share it with your closest friends.  What a wonderful tug of war to be in, and you don’t lose either way.  It is a very easy pour, but gives you everything that makes Irish Pot Still Whiskey the golden wonder that it is.  If it fits your budget, GET SOME.  If it is a bit over your daily pour budget, you may consider getting some anyways, but certainly keep your eyes open for when you can get it on sale; and THEN get some.  Enjoy.

PRICE: $70

ADDED: With oxidation the heat experienced with a fresh bottle went away.  There is a mild heat that stays in your upper throat, but does not warm the belly.  This is still a wonderful pour though. It is just mild.


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