Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Review


Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a four whiskey blend that brings the best of each to the sip.  It is a smooth pour that does not assault you or demand your complete attention, but it grows on you, in a very good way.

You can read more about this whisky on its maker’s site:

ABV: 45%dsc_9240-2

AGE: No age statement on bottle.

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR:  Amber

NOSE: Rye spices and dark over-ripe apples lead the nose, followed by butterscotch, honey, and a touch of citrus.  Floral notes, a kiss of oak, and a hint of vanilla then come in at the end.

PALATE: Nice and smooth. Vanilla and Caramel mixes with red berries and ripe apples lead the way, followed closely by a burst of spice, pepper, and a touch of oak.

FINISH:  Medium finish with nice warmth.  Vanilla, toffee, sweet grains, a touch of smoke, and a whisper of oak are left to keep company and urge you to take another sip.

OVERVIEW: This is a very nice bourbon.  It has the right notes, but lacks anything that I feel would detract from the pour.  While it may not knock your socks off with the first few sips, it will be enjoyable.  But be warned, the more you drink, the more you will like it (friends of mine have expressed this to me as well).  It is an easy pour, and a good buy for the money.  Four Roses Small Batch is quite respectable, and I would recommend it for those who enjoy bourbons as well as the profile I laid out.  I enjoy it quite a lot.

PRICE: $30-$35

See my Whiskey Art Series piece featuring this fine bourbon called “The Lovers”:  HERE.


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