A Cloudy Fall New Hampshire Drive


Yesterday was a cloudy fall day in New Hampshire.  It looked like it might rain at any time, but never did.  I got in my vehicle and took a lazy drive making a loop up the State, through the White Mountains National Forest, over the Kangamangus Highway, back down the east side of Lake Winnipesaukee, and back home.

dsc_2537-2aThose who have driven NH know that most of the time you will be surrounded by trees, as you wind through the country roads.  And only briefly will you glimpse the spectacular views that are to be had.  This makes for a wonderful drive, but not always great photography.  So you have to really hunt for those great shots.  This isn’t the west, were vast scenic views are the norm. It has a tighter, closer beauty that to get its true splendor you have to experience it.  This is similar to Queechee, VT, where the hills and trees close in around you tight and are amazing, but if you showed a photograph to someone it just would not convey the true feeling of the land.

But the drives are more than worth it, to see what is rural New England in all its glory and charm.  And this is no more true than in the Fall.  It is the time of year where when people close their eyes and envision New England, they see what those of us who live here see all the time, only in brilliant technicolor.

The clothing, the activity, and the colors are simply wonderful; even on a cool and cloudy Fall day.  There is just something about this part of the country, and especially this time of year that warms the heart and explains why those who live here love it so much.


The leaves turn the countryside into a blaze dsc_2522-2aof fire. And people from all over the country flock to see it.  This however, can also be a real pain for those of us who live here and simply want to get out and enjoy the State.  Mind you, we welcome guests, but trust me, the first holiday weekend in the foliage season is NOT the time you want to go out and try to enjoy the views.  Try to pick an off weekend or weekday when most people are at work.

This will give you clear roads, and easy access to all the great scenic spots; unlike what it was like yesterday.  What a mess it was.  So for the most part, I kept driving.


But even at that, I was able to snap off a few shots to share with folks; a peek here and there.  I really should go back up on a weekday and take my time though.



I hope folks enjoyed this brief look into my world.  And I hope it also better explains why this cowboy chose to settle down here.  It truly is a beautiful part of the country.  Come on up for a visit.  But don’t forget to bring some whiskey.  We can sit and chat a while over a nice pour.





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