Powers Signature Release Irish Whiskey Review


Powers Signature Release Irish Whiskey is a single pot still Irish Whiskey, and some think it is better then Powers John’s Lane (which costs $20-$30 more).  It is aged in bourbon and sherry casks, as well as uses malted and unmalted barley; giving a range of flavors that appeal to those who like a truly flavorful pour.  It is often compared to Redbreast 12 (though I would present that it is actually a more complex pour than RB12), so that should tell you something.

You can read more about this whisky on its maker’s site: powerswhiskey.com.

ABV: 46%dsc_2403-2

AGE: No age statement on bottle.

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR:  Gold

NOSE: Crisp green apples mix with sweet vanilla, honey and ripe pears and a touch of melons jump in, and there is pepper and spices to round it all out.  There is even a very slight floral note peeking in now and again.

PALATE: Vanilla, honey, and toffee lead the way into green apples and orchard fruits, berries, and then a burst of spice followed by just a hint of oak and a tease of coffee.

FINISH:  Long finish, with good warmth.  Honey and toffee are followed by orchard fruits and then a mix of spice and coffee with a whisper of oak.

OVERVIEW: This is one great pour.  The fact that it is often put up against whiskies up to $30 more tells you what you need to know.  Want the great pour but not the expense?  Get some Powers Signature Release.  This is a whiskey that speaks louder than its price and that I would be proud to serve at any time, to anyone. If you like Redbreast 12, but want an even more complex pour with a bit more bite and spice, this is your whiskey.   It truly is a wonderful Irish Whiskey to say the least.  Go get some!

PRICE: $40-$50



    • Whether it is better or not seems to be contested by whiskey drinkers. But that is not uncommon for various expressions from any given maker. It definitely should not be overlooked though. And it will make it into the reviews when it cycles through my collection. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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