Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey Review


Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey is the claimed daily pour of Doc Holiday, and one of the standards for old school rye whiskey.  It has a history that goes back to 1810, but its ownership, distilling method, mash bill, and location have changed.  From its Pennsylvania roots, to its current Kentucky home, it still is considered a reference point for straight rye whiskeys.  And let’s be honest, the romance of the name does not hurt any.  I would present that like with the Ford Mustang, would both a 1969 and a 2017 still be Mustangs?  So for me, Old Overholt is still Old Overholt.  And having a pour of it conjures up images of dusty saloons, faded cards, slightly out of tune pianos, and Doc himself.

You can read more about this whisky on its maker’s site: www.theoldswhiskeys.com/whiskeys/.

ABV: 40%dsc_2410-2

AGE: 3 years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR:  Medium gold with a touch of amber.

NOSE: Young alcohol with rye spice dominate the first nose, then caramel and some floral notes come forward, and some green apple dances along with the other notes.  A bit grassy and dusty leather come forward, shyly but make themselves known.  As it sits, caramel and vanilla become more prominent.

PALATE: Vanilla is then followed by rye spice, pepper, green apple, and then strong spices mix with a touch of grass and a mild oak.

FINISH:  Medium finish that lingers longer than I expected for an 80 proof pour.  This was a pleasant surprise.  Spice, green apple, and a touch of oak are left behind, as well as a faint sweetness.

OVERVIEW: This is not a complex pour, but for its age and price that was not expected.  But it is a very nice pour.  It is actually smoother than I had expected, and I almost wanted more dust and leather.  It is quite suitable for sipping as well as mixed drinks.  This is a medium rye, so it will not blow you away, but it definitely lets you know it is a rye. And for the price, it is easy to stock as a daily pour.  I enjoyed it and would have no problem recommending it.  It may not be the best hand in the deck, but it is a good one.

PRICE: $15


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