Kinahan’s Blended Irish Whiskey Review


The Lord Lieutenant Kinahan’s Blended Irish Whiskey is a fantastic pour deserving of its name.  As with most blends, they are able to create a flavor palate that brings to the table all the things the Master Distiller wants, and eliminates or covers the things they do not.  This makes for a more controlled and consistent pour of a quality that can be absolutely wonderful.  In my house, this whiskey is simply referred to as Double-L.

As taken from Kinahan’s site:
“Kinahan’s whiskey was founded by Daniel Kinahan in 1779. Generations of the Kinahan family ensured it became renowned for its unique taste and character. In 1807, Charles Lennox, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, was so impressed with this whiskey that he ordered all barrels at the Kinahan family cellars be kept exclusively for his private use, marking each cask with “L.L.” This mark still adorns each and every bottle.”

You can read more about Kinahan’s by visiting their website:

ABV: 46%dsc_9055-2

AGE: 6-10 years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Bright Gold.

NOSE: Honey and light vanilla mixes with crisp apples and pears.  Hiding in the background I find some bitter chocolate and some almond oil.  And there is a malty base that steadies the brighter aspects.  Corn flakes also comes forward to say hello. Truly a wonderful nose when you take the time to enjoy it.

PALATE: Very smooth, slightly oily. Toffee, vanilla, and honey mix to form the base for crisp orchard fruits, almonds and a touch of bitter chocolate, and a sliver of oak with a touch of spice to finish it off.

FINISH: Medium finish.  Smooth and warm, with lingering mild heat.  Malted grains touched with vanilla, and a lingering mild oak, and maybe a bit citrus.

OVERVIEW: This whiskey is one I normally keep stocked.  There is no doubt why this was so loved by The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.  And at its price, it is truly a “must buy” for those who love Irish Whiskey.  It has everything you want in an Irish, and nothing you don’t.  It is approachable for even the timid, yet complex enough to please the experienced whiskey snob.  It is a pour that I truly enjoy from every aspect of the experience.  Go get some!

PRICE: $40


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