Our smaller neighbors.


While it does not pay the bills, I enjoy macro-photography, and more specifically flowers and the insects that frequent them.  But insects anywhere is fine by me as well.  My interest in this type of photography stemmed from doing classic “pretty flowers” and then running out of what I considered to be interesting pictures.

With this in mind, I set out to capturedsc_1657-2a our smaller neighbors doing their thing.  This was not always as easy as I had first thought it would be.  Flowers by themselves were vastly easier.  But with insects, you have more scale issues, movement, and lighting becomes even more crucial.  And I didn’t want to just take “close up” shots of insects, but show them in their environment.

My photographs are not about the scientific aspects of insects but about their lives.  I love scientific macro-photography of insects as well, but that was not the direction I was going for.  I wanted pictures that the average person could enjoy and that had some artistic qualities to them.  I wanted them to even appeal to folks who normally didn’t like insect photography.

I may post an article later in time about the process for this type of photography, the tricks, tips, and the struggles; but for now I just wanted to share a small sample of my shots.  As the years roll along, I find some years are more heavy in one type of insect than another.  Some years see more butterflies, some more ants, and some more flies (for example). This year was “fly year”.  But I will not hammer you all with tons of fly shots.

I hope folks enjoy these views into the world of our smaller neighbors.  I will post more of these types of pictures in other posts.  And I will also do posts showing other types of my photography; like landscapes, general macro, general flowers, street photography, and more.  Please also feel free to view my Whiskey Art Series pages.



  1. Thank you Tom. lol And no, when I am out doing nature macro I am not drinking whiskey. That comes later in the evening. 😉 And I can’t imagine trying to manual focus (I don’t auto focus for my macro work) for the macro shots having been drinking. I think the missed shots ratio would greatly increase. lol


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