57 Chevy Townsman


One sunny day years ago, while driving along, this beautiful 57 Chevy Townsman passed me going the opposite direction.  I could not resist, and promptly did a U-Turn and set chase.

When I caught up to him, I followed him until he came to a stop at some apartments.  They were not his home, but that didn’t matter one way or the other.  He had stopped and that was the important thing.

I got out of my vehicle and handed him a business hard, and shook his hand.  I explained why I was there, and asked if he minded if I took a few shots of his fantastic car.  I also asked if we could go to a slightly better location, and with luck there was a clear parking lot across the street.  So off we went.

This was his baby, and she wasn’t a trailer queen or show machine.  He drove her often, and was proud of its history.  So we chatted a while before I even took out my camera.  But then it was time to take some pictures.  The light was not ideal, nor the location, but you take the shots when they are presented.

About a week after I took the shots, I tracked the gentleman down.  In truth it wasn’t him I talked to this time, but his wife.  We talked a bit more about the car, and her husband’s love of it.  And then I handed her a large print of the car, so her husband could frame it, or just tack it up somewhere.

Here are some more shots of the car.  I hope folks enjoy them as much as I did chatting with her owner.



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