Glenfiddich 12 Scotch Whisky Review


Glenfiddich 12 year Single Malt Scotch Whisky is one of the worlds top selling malt whiskys.  It comes from a distiller with historical credentials and a loyal following.  Its classic triangle bottles make it easy to identify, as well as its overall confident look.  Glenfiddich is one of the Scotches that just says “this is Scotch” to the world, a true classic.

You can find out more about Glenfiddich on their website:

ABV: 40%dsc_9058-2

AGE: 12 years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Golden honey

NOSE: Grains stand out, followed by floral notes.  Then some pear and orchard fruits, a touch of honey, grasses, and a touch of citrus.

PALATE: Fresh fruits lead the way, mixed with a touch of honey.  The mouthfeel is slightly oily, but pleasant. Mid tongue you get grains and grass, and very floral.  And by the time it hits the back of the mouth there is a ever so slight touch of spice, and bitter dry oak.

FINISH: It is a medium to light finish, with bitter dry oak, and some grass.  A slight sweetness and maybe a touch of citrus lingers on the tongue.  The heat is mild, but surprisingly it seems to linger in your stomach longer than you would think.

OVERVIEW: I can see why this is one of the best selling Scotches in the world.  And I can see why it is a standard for its type of Scotch (Speyside).  For me though, I don’t appreciate the floral and grassy notes as much as others clearly do.  This is now a “Guest Scotch” for those that enjoy it.  Not because it is bad though (I will not serve a bad whisky) , because it certainly is not.  But because I would just rather drink something else.

PRICE: $40-$50

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