Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Review


dsc_1853-2aTullamore Dew is a standard blended Irish Whiskey.  It has no age statement, but for a blend at this price point, I personally have no issue with that.  How it drinks is more important to me.  The blend comes from whiskey aged in sherry casks and bourbon barrels.  The bottle feels good in your hand, and almost feels like you could slip it in your back pocket and take a walk through the green Irish countryside, though I suggest a nice metal flask for that.

You can find out more about Tullamore Dew at their website. tullamoredew.com.

ABV: 40%dsc_9923-2

AGE: NAS on label

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Light gold.

NOSE: It is pretty mild. There is a bit of alcohol, grains with citrus take the lead, and then a hint of grass and a touch of vanilla.

PALATE: Very smooth. Toffee and fruits play the major roles, and then vanilla. There is a a little oak and some quiet spices and a bit of pepper that play as well. Where they hit (front, middle, back) seems to change from taste to taste. It is fun, and light.

FINISH: Mild. Very little heat that fades away relatively quickly. A bit too quick to be honest. Spice leads to vanilla and burned sugars, and a touch of oak.

OVERVIEW: This is a whiskey that is approachable to say the least. It is easy, smooth, and enjoyable. But it isn’t that complex, and I wish it was a bit sweeter. It almost feels like it wants to be sweet, but comes off a bit, watery? I like the bit of spice and hint of pepper.

This is a good hot day whiskey. It is “good”. It is a great buy for its price (just over $20). And I would not shy away from telling someone to buy it if they want a smooth and easy (almost too easy) to drink whiskey. If they want something with some teeth or complexity, this will fall short.  I like to keep stocked a range of whiskeys for my mood or weather though, and because of that this will probably keep a place in my cabinet.

PRICE: $20-$28


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