Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey Review


dsc_1865-2aBushmills Black Bush blended Irish Whiskey is a blended whiskey aged in sherry casks.  Their use of both malts and the sherry casks makes for a very nice whiskey.  I tend to favor expressions just off the norm for each maker, and this one was no exception.  Good job Bushmills.

You can find out more about Bushmills at their website, bushmills.com.

ABV: 40%dsc_9920-2

AGE: NAS on label.

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Amber

NOSE: Malt and wine grapes lead the way, followed closely by fresh apple cider, and an ever so mild note of vanilla. There is another note, but I can’t put my finger on it, maybe cinnamon.

PALATE: Toffee and caramel lead the way with a smooth coating on the tongue. Then some mild grape and hint of apple, but not very much, and a kiss of vanilla.

FINISH: It is warm but could be warmer, sweet vanilla and grains mix, and then there is a hint of oak. Once all has gone away, a very slight trace of oak is left on the sides of the tongue (back), and a slight dryness.

OVERVIEW: I like this one a lot. It is complex enough to keep interest, but not so complex that you have to think much. The flavor, mouthfeel, and finish are pleasant and well within my palate of enjoyment. From the nose, I was not expecting such sweetness, but it was not overly sweet either. This is an easy pour, and I can see why it makes the lists for Whiskeys to get.

PRICE: $30



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