The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey Review


dsc_1834-2aThe Quiet Man Traditional Irish Whiskey (blend) is one of two “The Quiet Man” expressions.  This is the blend (with no age statement) and they also have a single malt aged 8 years.  The thing that got my attention for the blend was the statement on the back of the bottle:

“Lucky for me my father would sometimes bring me along to the bar he tended and I grew up loving the laughter, the craic, and the wonderful smells of the Irish Whiskey.  So when I started bottling my own whiskey – I named it after my father.  What you are holding is a completely unique combination of hand-selected whiskeys, finished in first-fill Bourbon barrels, for an unmistakably Irish flavor sure to make my father proud.  Over 50 years behing the bar, he saw and heard it all, but like all good bartenders, John Mulgrew was true to the code and told no tales.  He was “The Quiet Man” or as they say in the pubs “An Fear Ciuin”.”

dsc_9076-2Well why not try this one, right?  Though I love all whisk(e)ys, I tend to favor Irish, and this one was a pure on sell of “Irish”.  It seemed a natural to pick up.  But to be perfectly honest, I was far from impressed with the opening and first couple pours.

I decided to revisit The Quiet Man though. So although this is the first time on my new blog, it is my second review of this whiskey.  As I said, when I first opened the bottle, it was less than impressive for me. And it found its place in the back of my whiskey cabinet. But I have found that as they say, whiskey can change for the better with oxidation.

You can visit their site at

AVB: 40%

AGE: NAS on bottle

SERVED: Neat in Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Light but bright Gold, very clear.

Swirling in the glass it is very smooth and coats very evenly, then it forms thin legs; but are well formed. Then it beads up rather quickly. It is actually quite pretty in the glass, and I think I may do a pour some time just to take a picture of it like that. But onward….

NOSE: It is a bit malty with a touch of white pepper, pears and mild fruits like bruised overripe apples, and a touch of oak.

PALATE: Sweet but not overly so. It leads with a light vanilla and honey, banana, leading into a bit of white pepper or spice, and ends in mild oak. It is silky smooth.

FINISH: Quick, with no burn at all. A touch of warmth but no “burn”. Burned toffee fades into a mild oak which lingers.

OVERVIEW: It is a very “pretty” pour. It looks great in the glass even though it is so bright. It beads like little diamonds. And it is extremely smooth. It is a whiskey that would be safe for the timid drinker. But for me, it lacks character and depth. I prefer a whiskey with more attitude, even on a hot day, and a lot more depth. It does not “offend me”, and has no bad notes, but it lacks anything that makes me even want to pay attention to it as I sip. And for me that is important and part of the experience. I will finish the bottle, but will probably not restock it. It has gotten better since I first opened it, but I don’t think it will ever reach the point that I feel is worth my money at its price point, or my time; except for finishing what I already have.  But who knows…

PRICE: $30-$40

ADDED: With time, the nose begins to show vanilla and banana along with the pears and oak. A more red apple sneaks in now and again if you look for it. The taste has stayed the same as above but the notes become stronger. My overall assessment stays the same though.


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