Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey Review

dsc_1842-2aJameson Select Reserve, Black Barrel is a blended Irish whiskey that matures its whiskey in both sherry casks as well as twice charred bourbon barrels.  This process and extra attention gives this Jameson a special twist; and frankly, one that I appreciate.

You can find out more about this whiskey and their other expressions at their website, www.jamesonwhiskey.com.

ABV: 40%dsc_0296-2

AGE: NAS on bottle.

SERVED: Neat in a Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Light copper.

NOSE: The nose is mild. Alcohol is light. Malt with a hint of grass lead the way, followed by caramel and ripe fruits. On the edge of the fruits there is a hint of spice and maybe cinnamon. There is also a very faint trace of oak.

PALATE: Smooth, but not overly so. Light caramel is followed by very ripe fruits. As the liquid moves to the back of the tongue it brings out pepper and a touch of spice. A bit of wood kicks along with it.

FINISH: Warm, but not abrasive. Medium, but on the lower end in my opinion. Malts with a touch of grass, and maybe a kiss of vanilla. Then wood ends the experience. There is a slight bitter taste, but it is not offensive in the least. And I don’t like bitter, so that says a lot.

OVERVIEW: This is a very easy pour. It is enjoyable. I am not sure it would rank with my favorites, but it was a good buy. And I will probably keep it stocked.  It is very balanced and no one note stands out as a defining characteristic of this whiskey. Yes, this is an easy pour. It suits a warm day, but has enough spice to carry over to the cooler weather as well. It does not blow me away though. It is just a nice easy solid pour.  If you can get it in the low to mid $30’s, it is well worth the money.

PRICE: $30-$40

ADDED: With time, the caramels and vanilla comes out stronger, making for, in my opinion, a better drink. The fruits and spice then come in very nicely. And the wood becomes less of a player. By all means, let this breathe. Take your time with it, you will be rewarded.

(Jameson has revamped their bottle and label design, to see the new look click here!)


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