Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey Review

dsc_1848-2aTeeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey is a no chill filter single grain whiskey aged in California red wine barrels.  It is yet another wonderful offering from Teeling.  Find out more about Teeling on their website, teelingwhiskey.com.

ABV: 46%dsc_1150-2

AGE: 5 years

SERVED: Neat / Glencairn Glass

COLOR: Light Amber. The whiskey coats the class rather thick and forms medium legs, and even after they have joined the rest of the whiskey there is still a large beaded coating on the glass.

NOSE: Grains and alcohol with toffee, vanilla, a bit saltiness, a touch of honey, and a bit of spice.

PALATE: Sweet. Wow, that is almost too sweet. Frosting, salted butterscotch, and vanilla. But then a bit of nuttiness, malt, and spices follow up to balance the taste. This is very smooth, and in the mouth a bit oily. The grain alcohol dances through it though, letting you know it isn’t an 80 proof whiskey (it is 92).

FINISH: The finish is warm and medium in length. Malt and candy sweets linger with just a touch of oak at the end.

OVERALL: I like this one. I thought it might be too sweet at first, but it quickly balanced out nicely. It isn’t one dimensional and has enough notes to keep your attention without forcing you to concentrate on it. It is a wonderful sipping whiskey.

PRICE: $40-$50

ADDED: As the pour opens up, I get a buttery note on the nose as well as pallet. There is a fresh baked sweet muffin quality coming out as well. And there is also some fruits starting to introduce themselves; ripe apples and raisins.


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